Submit your creations and get paid

Are you an illustrator or graphic designer? Join the creative community!

Greetings-Discount allows you to offer your own greeting cards, invitation cards or card and to be paid for each download, via our payment solution. We offer you $0.10 per credit spent on one of your cards (some cards cost several credits).

For this nothing more simple. You create a JPEG 300 DPI file in the format predefined by our site. Once uploaded to our site, our software will suggest you add text fields, or photo fields, to your creation. After our team validates your card, users will be able to customize your card and choose a print quality. The more users choose a high print quality (100, 200 or 300 dpi), the more you will be paid.

Our software allows you to spread your creations in multiple languages, without you having to translate them.

Your creations will be published on Greetings-Discount in the various categories available, but also on a page dedicated to you. On this page you can introduce yourself, add a photo, and a link to your site.

Making money with your illustrations becomes child's play with Greetings-Discount.

Simple and fast

Our site offers you a simple and convenient interface, 100% HTML and javascript, to create your cards and share.

You upload a JPG in 300 DPI (A4, A5, 10x15, etc...) on recto or recto/verso
You define the category of card (Birthday, Wedding, Birth,...)
You add predefined text fields (Name, address, location, message). You define the font, the color, the effects.
You may add one or more photo fields. Users will then be able to upload their own photos. You add layers and filters.
You pre-visualize your creation.
You ask for your card to be validated.

With just a few clicks, your card is ready to be personalized and downloaded by Greetings-Discount users.

It is necessary to follow a few rules to offer your cards

You cannot offer a card based on a blank JPG document. It is necessary to create a card showing the result of your work as an illustrator.
You must own the drawings and illustrations on the card. It is therefore forbidden to use copyrighted images or photos or trademarks.
You cannot include offensive, defamatory or pornographic texts on your cards.
Creations that do not meet these criteria will be refused and will never be posted on Greetings-Discount. The site team reserves the right to refuse a card if it does not meet its expectations.