Pricing Plan from the Greetings Discount website

Greetings-Discount allows you to customize greeting cards, announcement, labels or menus for any occasion.

In the lowest print quality (eco rate in 72 dpi), the card is free. A Greetings-Discount logo will then be present on the card. Plus you won't have access to the image file, just the PDF file. Find here our best free cards and announcement

For better print quality, and to no longer have a logo on your composition, we offer you 3 levels of finish of your card:

72 a 300dpi

The Eco Plus format (100 DPI) for an economical print in average quality

The Standard format (200 DPI) for a fine print of good quality

Premium format (300 DPI) for optimal professional printing

We offer you a credit system to offer you the maximum freedom in the choice of print quality. The cost of your card (in credit) depends on the quality chosen.

We also offer an annual or quarterly subscription to be able to use Unlimited Greetings-Discount

From $0.5 per credit

Below is the price of the various credit packs available on the Greetings-Discount website
Carte de CréditPaypal

Save with our credit packs

1 credit$1.09
2 credits$2.18$1.99-9%
3 credits$3.27$2.99-9%
8 credits$8.72$5.99-31%
15 credits$16.35$9.99-39%
34 credits$37.06$19.99-46%
60 credits$65.40$29.99-54%

your credits are valid for life

2 credits2.00 €/SMS + prix d'un SMS

2 credits2,00 € / appel + prix appel
Internet +
2 credits2,00 €

2 credits2,00 €

The cost, in credit, of each card is shown to you before your purchase. Generally a card costs 1 credit in EcoPlus format, 2 credits in Standard format or 3 credits for the Premium format.

Unlimited Greetings-Discount subscription

Unlimited Greetings-Discount is the freedom to use all Greetings-Discount without constraint. Personalize and download as many cards as you like. You don't have to buy any more credits, everything is includes.

With the Unlimited Greetings-Discount subscription, you'll be able to customize all the cards, and download them in all the qualities. The following options are included in your subscription
Card in quality 300 dpix
Card in quality 200 dpix
Card in quality 100 dpix
No Greetings-Discount logox
PDF filex
JPEG filex
Sending Virtual Cardx
Confirmation of presencex
Option Mailingx
From only $3.75 per month with the 1-year subscription, or $4.97 per month with the 3-month subscription

Options rates

Options can be added to some cards on our site. We offer you the possibility of:

Sending a virtual card to one or more recipients

You can send your greetings and greeting card via a virtual card. This option is free for a recipient, and costs 1 credit per batch of 5 recipients.

Request for confirmation of presence

In the case of a announcement or invitation sent via a virtual card, you can ask recipients to confirm their attendance at your event. This option costs 1 credit only, regardless of the number of recipients.


Some cards or labels can be customized with the names of your guests. All you have to do is fill out a table with the different guests. Our app will create a personalized card (or label) for each guest.

The cost of this option is 1 credit per additional create (regardless of the quality chosen).

For example, you want to create a Table place card for 45 guests at your event. You select your Table place card and fold the guest table with the 45 first names. Our app will generate an Letter US PDF file with 12 labels per page. For 45 labels, you'll get a 4-page PDF file. In Standard quality, the cost of your composition will then be 2 credits (standard format) + 3 credits (3 pages more) = 5 credits.