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Find decorating ideas or gifts for the holidays. We offer cards, menus, place place, labels to decorate your holiday tables for every occasion. Below are various table decorations or gifts made with the s on

For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Date 2024 : Wednesday, the 14 of February 2024
Valentine's Day Date 2025 : Friday, the 14 of February 2025

idées cadeaux pour la Saint Valentin To have a beautiful Valentine's Day party, we propose to decorate your table with a personalized romantic menu. Our different menus, decorated with hearts, will give water to the mouth to your loved one. Also decorate your table with a bottle of champagne or wine, personalized to your name, thanks to our Valentine's Day bottle labels.

To decorate your gift, you can opt for a Valentine's Day gift label. These labels, with your first name of valentine or valentine, will personalize your gift and bring a unique and original touch.

This holiday would not be perfect without a Valentine's Card,to declare your love, personalized of course with the first name of your love. We offer different messages to inspire you in the personalization of your card.

For Grandmother's Day

Date of Granny's Day 2024 : Sunday, the 3 of March 2024
Date of Granny's Day 2025 : Sunday, the 2 of March 2025

Want to spoil your grandmother in an original way, Greetings-Discount offers you different gift ideas. Offer a Grandmother's Day card template,personalized with your granny's first name and text of your choice. We offer different texts to inspire you

If you offer a bottle of champagne or wine, we also offer Bottle labels for Grandmother's Day. You can customize these labels with your grandmother's photo and first name. These labels will allow you to offer a personalized moose gift.

Finally, we also offer you certificate of best granny. These diplomas may or may not be humorous. They can be customized with a photo and your own texts. This is an original gift idea, which will please your grandmother.
idée pour la fête des mamies

For Mother's Day

Mother's Day Date 2024 : Sunday, the 26 of May 2024
Mother's Day Date 2025 : Sunday, the 25 of May 2025

Idées cadeaux pour la fête des mères For Mother's Day, Greetings-Discount offers you to spoil your mom with personalized gift ideas. First, opt for a Mother's Day card,personalized with your mom's first name and the text of your choice. Our app offers different texts to inspire you

For a more humorous, always personalized gift, you can give your mom a certificate of best mom. These fake diplomas will delight your mother with humorous texts, customizable with your photo. Heartbroken.

Finally, we also offer best mom bottle labels. Stick these labels on a bottle of champagne or wine, and give your mother an original and personalized gift.

For the Feast of Fathers

Father's Day Date 2024 : Sunday, the 16 of June 2024
Father's Day Date 2025 : Sunday, the 15 of June 2025

Idées cadeaux pour la fête des péres Looking for an original or last-minute gift for Father's Day ?

Greetings-Discount offers cards and labels to customize and print to wish Dad a happy birthday.
Offer a personalized 'Happy Father's Day' card. We offer different s of cards to customize with your own texts and photo. Some of our s are free for you to test our app

We also offer you to customize a bottle label of wine, beer or champagne to offer it on Father's Day. For a better rendering, you can print these labels on sticker paper. Finally, for an original gift, you can give him a certificate of best dad. These humorous diplomas are to be customized with your own texts and photos.